Holly Springs Real Estate

Holly Springs is located in Wake county, home to the state capitol, Raleigh, and in the vicinity of Research Triangle Park, one of the most successful business centers in the world. Holly Springs offers business opportunities for the corporate worker as well as the small business owner.

Positioned in this prime area of Wake county, Holly Springs also has close access to local prestigious universities such as North Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Duke University. Because of this proximity, Holly Springs has access to high quality health care facilities.

The town is thriving with a population of around 30,000, approximately double the 2010 population and has an estimated median household income of around $88,000. Holly Springs also has a wide variety of available homes for any price range and family. While this community is growing rapidly, it continues to have a small town feel with its downtown area filled with local shops and businesses being a central part of town. Holly Springs is a vibrant up-and-coming community with many young families with children. It is located in the Wake County Public School system and contains schools for children of all ages on the year-round and traditional calendars. Holly Springs is also home to many parks and recreation facilities and even have their own baseball team, the Holly Springs Salamanders, members of the Coastal Plain League. Holly Springs is a fun-loving, family oriented community that strives to meet the needs of every resident.

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