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No matter where you are in the home buying process, I can help. As a mortgage loan officer right here in Raleigh, I work with you to help you find the right mortgage for your unique situation. You probably have lots of questions. How much house can I really afford? Which type of mortgage best fits my needs? I can help you answer questions like that and I've worked with lots of people in and around Raleigh with home financing needs similar to yours. As a US Air Force Veteran I take great pride in my work, taking care of my customers and you can trust me to do what's right for you.

About Abshure Realty Group

The Abshure Realty Group dedicates our time and lives to helping our clients. Serving you is our passion and we take pride in you trusting us to guide you through purchasing a new home or selling your current home!

The Real Estate Market in the Triangle is one of the best housing markets in the country and you will want the most professional, experienced, trained and knowledgeable agents on your side helping you. The Abshure Realty Group has agents from many real estate backgrounds such as previous military, national relocation and “locals.” We all promise to exceed your expectations!